Veera Sivaji Movie Review

Veera Sivaji Movie Review

Written & Directed by : Ganesh Vinayak
Producer : S. Nandagopal
Cast : Vikram Prabhu, Shamili
Music : D Imman
Cinematography : M Sukumar
Editor : Ruben
Production company : Madras Enterprises
Running time : 132 mins

When Tamil cinema keeps moving ahead with some mind-boggling themes and new-age genres, we do compromise sometimes for stress busters. That’s when we settle down to watch some mindless entertainers, where sit back and relax with sip of drinks and munching snacks is what we care about. But there are certainly some disasters that fall under this category. Definitely, ‘Veera Sivaji’ is one among them, which will test your patience to the extreme levels. Nothing to blame upon a story writer’s attempt for it is inevitable that you have to come up with limited plots, but with a different presentation is what it makes love stories and action thrillers differ from each other despites a climax with either break up-patch up or either with revenge in thriller flicks. But then Veera Sivaji, which is about an ordinary man with nick of time to save his niece’s life on pars to settle scores with a fraudulent man goes in vain with fallible writing.

Unwanted tracks of comedy, romance and unlimited songs ruining your excitements.

For the first 30 minutes, audiences are completely ignored for they might wonder what’s really happening out there on the screens. By the 31st minute to the film’s intermission, there seems to be some engaging moments that distinctly gain your interest. As you shake off the dust and buy few more snacks to experience an adrenaline rush sequences by post-interval, you’re puzzled up as the story again turns a vagabond with unwanted tracks of comedy, romance and unlimited songs ruining your excitements.

The scene where Vikram Prabhu tries hitting at a girl or trying to be jovially romantic gets us annoyed

Vikram Prabhu can limit himself with roles that are quite serious and if even he attempts something hilarious or even commercial, he has to work a lot on it. The scene where he tries hitting at a girl or trying to be jovially romantic gets us annoyed. But he is strong and perfect with action sequences and expressing his infuriation. Shamlee is a huge disappointment and we get to wonder what really made her pick this film. She made some appealing performance in the film ‘Oye’, which was pretty appreciable. Others in the cast including John Vijay, Yogi Babu and Robo Shankar are okay with their performances.

Only consoling the film are background score by D Imman, cinematography by Sukumar and few hilarious episodes of Robo Shankar-Yogi Babu.

Overall, Veera Sivaji has nothing to get signified with the film’s plot or theme. It keeps you restless looking at clock for the show to end except 30 minutes prior to the intermission and few comedy sequences.

Veera Sivaji Movie Review
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Veera Sivaji : An underdog adventure ride that doesn’t offer excitements.

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