Velaikkaran Music Review

Velaikkaran Music Review
Velaikkaran Music Review

Music Review

Song: Karuthavanlaam Galeejaam
Singer: Ravichander

When Anirudh and collaborate for an album, we can surely expect a much massive exploding moment. In fact, the duo offers some power-pumping numbers, especially on the commercial Kuthu genre. But it wasn’t exactly the situation with their last year album ‘Remo’, which was more off western bound, except a track. Now they are back with a bang offering a full swing treat to the mongers who were curiously awaiting this arrival.

‘Karuthavanlaam Galeejaam’ is a fast beat Kuthu number, which is expected to be an introduction song, which brings a similar rhythmic pattern of ‘Aaluma Doluma’ from Vedalam and it has Anirudh crooning it. The lyrics are written by and it is no doubt that the song is going to be a mass hit.

It has nothing to musically analyzed, but it’s a song for masses and will have its way of blast as the time brews.