10 Reasons to watch Kaththi

10 Reasons to watch Kaththi

1. Kaththi Theme CG

Like Ragavan’s Instinct in Vettaiyadu vilayaadu, here Kathiresan’s zooming in gives the needed mass and the Sword of Destiny Theme fits in perfectly. CG looks very neat and sharp finish. when it comes for the second time in the pre-climax, there was a huge whistle when vijay asks for a chennai blue print itself.

2. Girls stunt shot

When two girls from a TV channel came for a interview, everybody expected a comedy show but that turns out to be a terrific fight sequence. Anirudh BGM for fights usually a rhythmic western beat and it gives a new trend which is too good to hear and watch. Stunts were so fast and tricky.

3. Aathi Song & Theme Music

Though all the songs where impressive to hear as mp3, this one alone to give impressive for the eyes too. Song teaser itself a HIT classy one with vintage feel and the other white theme in the song refreshing for eyes to say at least. Anirudh has given the best songs specially the 2 theme music. In the film, theme music for hero and villain comes in several flavors everywhere which are all awesome to hear with visuals.

4. I am WAITING – Interval Block

Yes, its the same dialogue continued from Thuppaki. But the place, style and the tone it comes, real mass. Its the place where Kathir kick starts as Jeeva and this is very much needed.

5. Neil Nitin Mukesh

ARM picks up a stylish villain in his recent films and the film content demands too. Neil Nitin right choice. His style and pose looks grand. Specially the dubbing for his voice perfect. But dont expect a 6 packs body and a 1-1 fight scene then it will become a usual one. A special mention to Anirudh, for his Bad boy theme for Neil. It sounds great in theatre and this theme a bit cooler than Sword theme.

6. Coin Fight

Now a days if there is any normal fight sequence by jumping on the wall or with rod, enough we have seen so many and expecting something different. By keeping the logics aside, this coin fight, a smart one and treat to watch out. BGM and style takes it to a level up. Extremely well choreographed.

7. Social Message

Yes, there is a strong awarness message in this. we already used to this world and no one to raise it this much boldly though small small voices here and there. Now even when someone gives a bold voice, what we do is just pointing the man who is saying and complaining that he itself not following. Critics apart, the message it says in the film to be realised by everyone.

8. Teaser shot

When teaser was out, so many make it a fun with that about the pipe and the characters they show. Now on seeing it in the film, sure everyone will whistle and clap loudly. In most films, teaser will not come in the film or it will be like a mix of posh scenes of the movie, but this one is exact bit from the movie in a sequence and this way of showing is good to see when it comes in the film.


Whole film is in his shoulders and he carried out without even a single drag. When you say a dual role, people mindset is that they will expect a difference in the appearance or atleast a modulation in voice or something. But ARM proved even a characterisation can show the difference. His performance, style, stunt all a new improved one. A special mention to the final monologue speech.

10. Dialogues

Now a days, whatever type of movie, a hot trending crispy dialogues are needed to gain attention. This way, kaththi has numerous dialogues that will slap our face and give a stand out feel. To point out few, ARM one liner, communism example, farmers liners at their suicide attempt, vijay speech at climax etc

Above are just to point out few in the top list. Whole credit goes to AR Murugadoss.