2015 – When contents beat the “Superstars” of Kollywood

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Time and again, it’s ‘Content’ that matters a lot in accordance to the scripts. Yes, when it comes to pulling crowds to theatres, it is all about the ‘Star Values’ that blindly draws many there. But what could hold them consistently for hours or maybe for repeated viewing banks on the substantiality of the script. 2015 has been an intense illustration of how scripts could beat hands down over the pre-existing of stardoms.

Suriya in Masss
Suriya in Masss

Glimpsing on the list of A-league stars many have managed to keep us engrossed and few had turned out to be a major disappointment. Suriya’s Masss had kept us so much hooked up with great anticipated and of course it had some good elements to impress, but again the script laced with some fallible moments couldn’t keep us adhered to it.

Ajith in Yennai Arindhaal
in Yennai Arindhaal

Kumar’s Yennai Arindhaal had a fantabulous opening in the theaters that none could imagine with the fever spreading outing like a festival. The film was released an on ordinary day, which had no significant festivals or events, but created headlines in all news rooms. Well, the reviews were positive though, but it didn’t manage to hold the audiences. The reason was simple? Overloaded action sequences that gratified the male cohorts, but less romance (Though adequate portions were dedicated for -Trisha) more prominence was emphasized towards fists of anger and bloodshed.

Kamal in Uttama Villain & Papanasam
Kamal in Uttama Villain & Papanasam

Well from the stores of , there was something more surprising. While his first outing for this year Uttama Villain turned out to be a major disappointment, his next outing, ‘Papanasam’ was a major hit and that’s how this theory of ‘Content is King’ was yet again proved in the box office. Significantly, then came the situation where the cloudy chance soon transformed into heavy gold rush, where films like Kaaka Muttai, Kuttram Kadithal and recent release Maya spearheaded with newfangled attempts.

Upcoming Movies in Kollywood
Upcoming Movies in

Of course, when or A-league actors place themselves towards a stronger script and content, the respective genre reaches a greater status. Now with Superstar Rajnikanth teaming up with a young generation of team like Ranjith in  and directed by Rajesh in ‘Thoonga Vanam’ while Vikram trying out something different like a road action movie in ’10 Endradhukulla’ , we can expect something more bigger in the coming seasons.

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