5 Reasons to watch GV Prakash Kumar Bharathiraja starrer “Kalvan”

5 Reasons to watch GV Prakash Kumar-Bharathiraja starrer “Kalvan”

GV Prakash’s movies are frequently having its theatrical releases in the recent times, but Kalvan seems to be an unparalleled one, which with its visual promos and songs have already captured everyone’s interest. With the film hitting screens worldwide tomorrow, we bring you 5 reasons to watch this film.

PV Shankar is renowned for his exceptional visual storytelling in all his films, and now with his directorial debut, he is bound to captivate a wide audience. The trailer and songs of Kalvan have already hinted at the stunning visual experience that awaits the viewers.

GV Prakash Kumar and Ivana’s on-screen chemistry as a lovable couple in ‘Nachiyar’ was adored by many. Their reunion in ‘Kalvan’ is highly anticipated, promising to be a highlight of the film.

GV Prakash never misses to steal the spotlights with his scoring for songs. The Kalvan songs have already captivated the interests of music lovers, and the BGM score by Revaa is going to be the cherry-pick of this film.

The inclusion of veteran filmmaker Bharathiraja and talented artistes like Dheena in Kalvan promises strong characterizations that will add depth to the narrative. The ensemble cast is set to bring more richness to the story.

The screenplay of Kalvan is packed with gripping moments that will keep the audience engaged throughout. The perfect mix of adventure, action, comedy, and romance ensures a thoroughly entertaining experience for all viewers.