5 Suriya movies based on real life inspirations and characters

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5 Suriya movies based on real life inspirations and characters

Actor Suriya has carved a niche for himself in the Indian film industry, where his movies aren’t just routine styled genres, but something with difference. Even when his movies are commercial genres, it would definitely have a different dimension. Moreover, most of the prominent filmmakers have utilized him in the roles based on real life characters and real life incidents too. Here is a short glimpse upon such illustrations we try to figure out from the filmography of Suriya.

5. George Reddy in Aayutha Ezhuthu:

This happens to be the most favourite characterization of Suriya among his fans till the date. Despites the actor being a part of many challenging roles the actor had done. This characterization of Michael is inspired by a high aggressive natured student named George Reddy in Osmania University, who was attacked by many bigwigs as he stood and raised voice against many social evils.

4. Maddelacheruvu Suri in Raktha Charithiram

This was one of the most shockingly provocative films from Ram Gopal Varma based on the real life characters of Parithala Ravi and Machelachevu Soori, who was the most deadly gangsters turned politicians across Andhra Pradesh during the time of NTR Government. Though some fictional elements were included, Suriya just swept everyone off the feet with his overpowering performance. Who can forget the dashing action sequence by intermission?

3. Vaaranam Aayiram :

This film wasn’t based on some real life high-profiled characters, but something from the life of filmmaker Gautham Vasudev Menon, where he tried to project both his father’s role and very himself as son upon Suriya. Delightedly, the promising actor offered his inmost heart and soul upon both the roles, which was quite a scrupulous process to go through different makeovers and mannerisms.

2. Bodhi Dharman in 7aam Arivu

This was literally a huge pride to entire Tamil group as AR Murugadoss brought forth a hidden and buried past to the light. Our very own Bodhi Dharman from Kanchipuram before centuries who was a pride to our country, founder of Shaolin Temple, but eventually got buried towards the history… Suriya played a tremendous role as Bodhi Dharman in this film and this will remain forever a huge milestone in his entire career.

1. Singam 3 and NTR Regime Link

Well, after glimpsing upon all the list of movies, this might look little odd, but we got to believe it. In one of the recent interviews, Suriya had mentioned the fact that Singam 3 is based on a true incident that happened during the regime of NTR in Andhra Pradesh, which was literally shocking. But we need to wait and watch what this could be all about on the big screens.