8 interesting trivia about Kabali

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Few pulse is brimming with irresistible energy. Every vein has the rush of gold through it. The name is Kabali and the majestic arrival will happen soon. We bring you 8 interesting trivia about Kabali as filmmaker Ranjith spells out some facts about the movie.

1. Superstar Rajnikanth runs a school for Children and we find Kalaiarasan working as a teacher.

2. Attakathi Dinesh plays the role of a Bigwig mafia son. Impressed with the ‘Kabali’ mafia style, he teams up with him with more dreams.

3. John Vijay will be seen playing the role of ‘Ameer’, the most confidential advisor of Superstar Rajnikanth in this film.

4. Rajnikanth has shot 75 days for this film with his original white beard.

5. The romantic sequences between Kabali and his wife Kumudhavalli has been shot in a song in the backdrops of Goa. It is an emotional bonding between a couple who are getting acquainted after many years. Of course, Santhosh Narayanan’s musical score should be adding more essence to it.

6. Dhansika plays a Thailand gangster opposing Kabali. She has sacrificed her long hair for the sake of this role and appears in a boy cut throughout the movie for a Tomboyish characterization.

7. Superstar Rajnikanth will not be seen uttering any punch dialogues, but has lots of philosophical lines to deliver.

8. The entire shoot happened for 115 days across Chennai, Thailand, Malaysia and Goa.