Do actors need to interfere on public issues?

Do actors need to interfere on public issues?

There is a general saying that Actors, Artists, Sportspersons are beyond the classification of caste, religion, linguistic or any creeds. It was really commendable to see a sensible statement from veteran actor Nana Patekar during an interaction show, where he was asked about the linguistic conflicts over many issues and he said, “My bread comes from everywhere. As an actor, everyone is same to me.” This response had kindled up a long argumentative phrases and comments of Likes and Dislikes. It has been a very long queue of cases, where actors have been often dragged into the controversial claims of religions, especially in Bollywood, where Shahrukh Khan and many other Khans were cornered too.

Aamir Khan took up stand on certain social issues

There was a time when Aamir Khan took up stand on certain social issues and he came forward raising his voice on Narmada issue. In spite of heavy criticisms and controversies, he refrained from apologizing.

Well now getting down to South, we have often witnessed actors being drenched in controversies. Of course, when you’re a celebrity, the verbal or non-verbal attitudes are sure to make a huge impact with positive and negative feedbacks.

Great superstars like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have been more of such illustrations, where they made more remarks that sounded very sensible, but later landed them up on troubled waters too.

Ajith Kumar came up with a bold statement during the celebrations of an event for Former Tamil Nadu

Ajith Kumar came up with a bold statement during the celebrations of an event for Former Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister – M Karunanidhi, where he openly said before huge crowds, “Actors are being forced to take part in social issues. Even before the Government would take any decisions, they throng up the actors for such events, which has become a pressure for actors. We actors don’t want politics. We have appointed you to take care of us.”

The same actor was completely present for the protest against Eelam issues held at Valluvar Kottam Chennai, where he appeared with a support for his leg fracture.

We have seen many actors like Suriya raise their voices for the best social causes, but sometimes have limited themselves too.

With the recent issues pertaining to the demonetization of 500rs and 1000rs currencies, there have been more receptions based on positive and negative aspects. While Honourable Prime Minister of India gave an emotional speech to bear with this issue till December 31 so that India can witness a huge change. Almost every continent on map has been greatly praising this attempt, we have mixed receptions here.

This morning actor Vijay giving a press statement that he ardently welcomes the decision of Narendra Modi, Honourable Prime Minister of India. While the leader has given a deadline till December 30 with sincere apologies, there is no need for anyone, who has a high profile to make any comments, which might give wrong directions based on wrong assumptions. This has eventually happened with Vijay fans spreading out their words. Nothing to blame the fans, they blindly worship their star and many, who are not patient enough to perceive what he told have taken it in a different manner.

It is worth mentioning that even Rajinikanth made a blunt and direct statement against the current chief minister of Tamil Nadu, honourable J Jayalalitha due to some difference of opinions before couple of decades. But today, we see them as best friends, but what the perspective ideologies the fans and followers take up only to see that times have changed and so are persons.

So this situation gives a serious connotation that DO ACTORS REALLY NEED TO MAKE ANY COMMENTS UPON SOCIAL ISSUES?

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