Anu Madhubhashinie The Heights of Creativity

Anu Madhubhashinie: The Heights of Creativity

Anu Madhubhashinie: The Heights of Creativity

As a child, she always loved what was creative, and creativity is her path now, Artist, Performer and Writer she is following her childhood dream of becoming a global performing artist. Anu Madhubhashinie is slowly but surely breaking into the local entertainment industry and is gradually progressing into the Indian entertainment industry. Her dance videos have a lot of viewers through work she has been offered various roles related to creativity. It won’t be too long before makes it to the global arena.

How long have you been dancing and what made you get into dancing?

I was told by my mother that I was dancing before I could walk. I believe I developed the skill at a very early age and thereon I performed at various shows at school, and my forte was always classical both Oriental and Western.

Whenever I had the opportunity to perform, and didn’t shy away. I love performing, at the age of four, I was enrolled in Bharathnayatam and Kandyian dancing since then I have been dancing.

What kind of dancing do you do?

I am trained in Bharatanatyam and Kathak while doing Kandyian and Sri Lankan folk until my ordinary levels. Currently, I teach and am a choreographer. I am specialized in Indian freestyle, folk, classical and contemporary. And I am learning Hip Hop.

Are you a professional dancer?

I am a professional dancer, dance instructor and choreographer. I frequently conduct classes online and do monthly workshops for aspiring dancers.

And you musically inclined as well?

I sing as well, and music is a huge part of me. I work mainly with my brother Kushan Chamupathi, we have collaborated on a lot of music videos. I also have several dance videos to both Oriental and Occidental music on my Youtube channel: Youtube/anumdhubhashinie.

Are you planning on doing any movies?

As a trained actor both theatrically and on screen I would love to explore acting opportunities. I did do some auditions and waiting for a callback. I have directed a few music videos and I am planning on doing a short film soon.

I love acting and hope that I will be offered some meaningful roles, and where the performance will be remembered long enough. One of my achievements would be working with some of the finest directors and actors of this generation.

Besides dancing what else do you do?

I am a musician, I write, melodize, and perform songs. My music is original and I have done some cover songs, which are available on youtube, I am planning to do some collaborations with some local artists.
I was a former newsreader and presenter, and I have worked at leading radio and TV channels. I am a voice-over and dubbing artist too.

Tell us about your writings.

I do more creative writing and features, and I have worked for many brands related to academic and cooperate sectors. My creative writing is available on my social media platforms. And another area that interests me is poetry and I am planning on releasing a collection of poetry soon.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I want to work with some of the top artists in South Asia and hopefully expand to other regions. Do some movies, and where I can showcase my dancing and acting skills. A character or characters that will leave a lasting impression on the audience.
Maybe direct and produce a movie soon, and choreograph for movies and music videos.