5 audio launches that created over expectations for the film

Expectations are hopes and that’s always good to possess them. But when it all turns into the zone of ‘Over Expectations’, it’s almost like walking on the tip of needle, it could blatantly fall on any side between PROs and CONs. In this special feature, we bring you 5 such instances, which marked huge expectations for the film. Well, this isn’t just a sort of negative trait, but some of them managed to live up the expectations, while flunked not exceeding the levels.


You wouldn’t believe this scenario! It was such an unbelievable figure involved in the audio launch, where Kalaipuli S Dhanu made Digital Invitations for the special celebrities. Moreover, the audio launch that was as a special event held to invite the press and media followed by a mammoth event. But this created over expectations in accordance to the top-notch trailer that was made even before the shooting of full length feature started.

4. PULI :

This is the highly regarded event that created an immense popularity not only for the film, but for the brand ‘Vijay’. Especially, the talk from TR was the most highlighting trait that sooner became a mix of acclamation and mockery.


Although the film lived up to the expectations, it was more like a moment to see Sivakarthikeyan has hyped as the next ruler of box office during the audio launch. But that wasn’t really affecting the film’s progression in anyway upon box office.


It all became so much of unexpected turmoil on the film’s release. It was a very grand and long event, where every celebrity spoke about the film’s grandeur taking it to the highest level of anticipations. Things became more exceeded when the producers and few distributors claimed it will be 10 TIMES AS POWERFUL AS PADAIYAPPA, the film that came from the same duo KS Ravikumar and Rajnikanth almost before a decade and half.


This happened last week, where the long queue of celebrities incessantly singing praises of Dhanush as a mix of Superstar Rajnikanth-Kamal Haasan. Things got shot up to the peak of fun, mockery and controversies when Producer Kalaipuli S Thanu ennobled Dhanush as a collage of ‘MGR and Sivaji Ganesan’…. More than all, what has kindled huge expectations upon the film is Dhanu claiming that it will make a huge business of Rs.34Crores