Chiyaan Vikram – 10 sparkling surprisal facts that’ll astonish you

10 Sparkling Surprisal Facts
10 Sparkling Surprisal Facts

Chiyaan – 10 sparkling surprisal facts that’ll astonish you

One thing that makes Chiyaan so much surpassing than any other actor in Kollywood is that he never has a PR to promote him. His multi-talented nature and helping tendency has made such things about him imparted to us. We at Studio Flicks bring you something much exclusive on the occasion of his birthday.

  1. Chiyaan Vikram has been the English tutor for both his son Dhruva and daughter Akshitha during their school and college days.
  2. Vikram never believes in LUCK, he strongly believes in HARDWORK.
  3. Vikram’s all time favourite mobile ringtone is ‘Moongil Kaadugale’ from Samurai.
  4. The favourite hub to meet his friends and directors is always the lobby at Park Sheraton.
  5. His wife Shaila fondly calls him with the nickname ‘KING’.
  6. Apart from South Indian food items, Vikram is a hardcore eater of Japanese cuisine.
  7. Vikram is often known in different names as Chiyaan, Kenny and John Kennedy. But the name in his official website is K. Vinod.
  8. Vikram is someone who never gets tired of giving interviews to media channels. Be it a newly launched website or the topmost newspaper, he gives the same respect and gesture to all.
  9. Every year on his birthday celebrations, there would be huge crowd gathering for special meet. To be precise, most of them are the ones, who have recovered from serious health issues, especially heart surgeries supported financially by Vikram.
  10. Vikram has a long queue of dogs, cats, ducks, crabs and aquariums grown at his farm house.

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