Kutty Story – Unleashing The Flavours Of Flaw And Non Duality In Love

Kutty Story – Unleashing the flavours of flaw and non-duality in Love

Kutty Story – Unleashing the flavours of flaw and non-duality in Love

Everything is fair in love and war. I would honestly slash out the latter and bring in ‘LOVE’ as the sole element that owns more significance. Love is beyond duality! Love doesn’t confine to the manmade amendments. They say, wine gets delicious as it brews. More older-More delightful. And often, ‘LOVE’ encapsulates these essences. It excites and enlightens with assortments. From the innocuous feel of kids to the hormonal indulgence and the conflicts with own selves wedged between fidelity and irresistible craving as married. Well, these adornments to souls with gratification blatantly have the course of resentment. There’s an inevitable conflict when going with the nature accompanied by the contrastive discipline.

Vels Film International’s Kutty Story, an amalgamation of four stories branches out of Love into various dimensions. A glimpse on the trailer brimmed me with assumptions, what if all these characters had to bounce upon each other for debates. One might corner the other for the pre-marital intimacy while the same is cornered by the law of infidelity.

The perplexities exist within and so are my curiosities to see how these tales are gonna be? The tales of hormonal, Platonic and soulful love stories!!!

Kutty Story featuring the stories directed by Venkat Prabhu, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Vijay and Nalan Kumarasamy is scheduled for worldwide release on February 12, 2021. The anthology film has an ensemble star-cast comprising Gautham Vasudev Menon, Vijay Sethupathi Varun Amala paul Andrea Megha Akash Amitash, Arya Suhasini Buji Babu Sangita Sakshi Agarwal Vinoth Krishen Robo Shankar Aditi Balan Pradeep L Sugaranolbu Khan Luthfudeen Kirupa Preethi Parimala Baby Hari Krishnan, Karunakaran (Voice), and GM Sundar (voice).