Mass, Humour & Terror – Best Punch Dialogues of 2015

Punch dialogues have become the most heart and soul of a film’s success these days. Just a word ‘Therikka Vidalama’ was more than enough for the makers to pull unbelievable crowd into the theatres and even the slightest minute humour popped up the laughter riot on the screens. Check out the 10 best dialogues from the films in year 2015….

1. Adhukkum Mela (I) :

This was something that took all by a storming stun when Vikram uttered the punch with the first look teaser. It had gradually captivated even the kids with more fascination towards the film.

2. Enna Thaandi Pei Varuma (Darling) :

Ghost Gopal Varma, Enna Thaandi Pei Varuma (Darling) – Irresistible laughter that created an impactful effect in the theatres. Such an amazing dialogue delivered in a hilarious style… In fact, this is highly trending up in the Dubsmash mania as well. All praise goes to Naan Kadavul Rajendran.

3. It’s just the beginning (Kaaki Sattai) :

Thala style la sollanumna… It’s just the beginning (Kaaki Sattai) – Precisely, this is the first ever time Sivakarthikeyan tried to utter a punch dialogue and preferably, the one having a Thala Ajith Kumar statement always gets the brownie points.

4. Adhuvum Ippadi Varunvaenu Ethir Paakkalala (Masss)

Ethir Paakkalala… Adhuvum Ippadi Varunvaenu Ethir Paakkalala. Now this is my F****ng Game (Massu Engira Maasilamani ) – Ever since we heard this from Ajith Kumar, it has been persistently used in many films and Suriya blended it with his very own Singam dialogue that gave a perfect mix by the point of intermission in this Venkat Prabhu’s fantasy horror.

5. Moraikkala Sir Paakuraen (Naanum Rowdy Dhaan) :

Moraikkala sir Paakuraen, Paakuren (Naanum Rowdy Dhaan) – Although it is a climax blended with humour by the end of show, Vijay Sethupathi gets the perfect punch against the antagonist.

6. Therikka Vidalaama (Vedalam) :

No words! We all know the magic that had enthralled and scorched the theatres in ultimate celebration. Just two words of Punch and it took the entire micro-blogging and social networking sites in incredulous scale of excitements.

7. Senjuruven (Maari) :

Yaar Area la Vandhu Yaar Kitta, Senjuruven (Maari) – Dhanush fans turned crazy with this line in ‘Maari’.

8. Naan Sonna, Seiven (Thoonga Vanam):

En Paiyyan Satta Mela, Oru Keeral Patta Kooda, Unna Sedhachuduven. Naan Sonna, Seiven (Thoonga Vanam) – This is what you call a massive punch in accordance to a script and characterisation. Kamal Haasan is always a genius, when it comes to blending the mass with aptness and this one is the best illustration.

9. I am not bad, just Evil….(Thani Oruvan)

“I am not bad, just Evil….”, “Love at first sight… Kill at first betrayal” (Thani Oruvan) – How to claim these words.. What a style? Aravind Swamy as the most glamorous devil – Siddarth Abhimanyu spelt off with charm

Show your friend, I’ll tell who you are…(Thani Oruvan)

Show your friend, I’ll tell who you are...
Show your friend, I’ll tell who you are…

Show your friend, I’ll tell who you are. Show your enemy, you’ll show your power and capacity” (Thani Oruvan) – Writers Subha deserve all the ultimate acclamations for remodelling such a famous proverb with a powerful punch

10. Motta Siva Ketta Siva (Kanchana 2) :

The punch of extremity, where the moment of revenge towards the incorrigible devil and imagine a good and bad soul on the combat. This is where the spine-chilling gets frozen with adrenaline rush and the punch travels with chillness