Top 5 Tamil Movies of the Year 2016

Top 5 Tamil Movies of the Year 2016

It is even a bigger surprise for ourselves, where we get to see that Top 5 best Critics Pick doesn’t boast any A-league technicians and actors, but it has struck a heavy score for its strong content and nuance packaged performances and narrative style.

We are glad to inform you all, this is revealed by Mr.G. Dhananjayan, (National Award Winning Author, Founding Managing Director of BOTFA)

P.S : List is not in the order of 1 to 5, all movies deserves the top place.

5. Iraivi:

It’s been a long time, Tamil cinema witnessed a strong content based film in ‘Feminism’ genre, but Karthik Subbaraj made this element more convincing through stark and strong characterizations, where the barriers weren’t broken. We see women in good shades, where none breaks their cultural confinements, but have their own dreams of being independent and more illustrious emblem.

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4. Dhuruvangal 16:

It all happens to be a much more surprise by the yearend, where the debutant filmmaker Karthik Narain strikes off with a surprise. The film’s taut thriller elements with nitty-gritty screenplay and strong characterizations, with brilliant storytelling method makes it all the best out of films based on this genre till the date.

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3. Uriyadi:

The young league of newcomers stunned up even the well famous proficient filmmakers with this concept and narration. They boxed up the film with commendable performances and at the same time, in spite of being a social issue based movie, didn’t miss to offer the best moments of commercial ingredients in places. This is one of the best films that Tamil cinema can be proud off for the coming decade.

2. Irudhi Suttru:

Yet another mind-boggling film, where we found a stunning and stellar performance by Madhavan and Ritika Singh. Getting a newbie actress, which too, a real life boxer getting into the skin of characterizations… Hats off to filmmaker Sudha, Madhavan and Ritika Singh for bringing forth an impeccable show in their aspects of painstaking and scrupulous efforts.

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1. Visaranai:

The film that has made our country much more prouder. Visaranai holds special mention for being a movie made based on real life encounters of an innocent auto rickshaw driver, where there were few fictional inclusions too. But the short and crisp narration by maverick filmmaker Vetrimaaran and stellar performances of actors made it more pleasurable yet lump in throat moments for the audience’s experience.

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