Dear Zindagi Movie Review

Movie Review

Direction :  Gauri Shinde
Producer :  Gauri Khan | Karan Johar | Gauri Shinde
Written & Screenplay : Gauri Shinde
Cast : Alia Bhatt | Shah Rukh Khan
Music  : Amit Trivedi
Cinematography : Laxman Utekar
Editor : Hemanti Sarkar
Production company : Dharma Productions |Red Chillies Entertainment | Hope Productions
Running Time : 149 mins

Second outing from Gauri Shinde after her debut much acclaimed English Vinglish. She come again with a woman centric movie along with a strong positive message and light hearted moments throughout the movie. It has already created a buzz in the industry when the lead pair and Alia come together for this movie. Lets see how this team manages to win hearts.

Dear Zindagi Movie Review

Movies are not only to make you entertain or pass time or feel good or inspired! Few movies make you learn something from it or make you realise few things you never know that you are already doing! is one such movie to address an issue and how to make our mind to pass through it in the journey of life. 

Dear Zindagi Movie Review

It says more about the life of Alia, an aspiring cinematographer trying for her debut feature film, who has a problem of fear for everything be it to fall for a relationship, be it to be free on her own way, be it to live a life with family. Though she wanted all of this but still hesitate to take decision due to her childhood incident of being left alone. Suddenly when everything goes wrong,  she cant handle and decided to meet a therapist and what changes happen in her life is dear zindagi.

Dear Zindagi Movie Review

As movie is completely a conversation driven kind, lead pair has many scope to perform and also to take the movie completely on their shoulders. Undoubtly both did one hundred percent justice to it especially Alia who is the front runner of this movie. Such a talented girl where all emotions come up very well for her, and no doubt she will go heights. SRK like an extended cameo role, did his flawless performance just like that and because of his humorous acting it doesn’t bore you any time when conversation go long.

Dear Zindagi Movie Review

Though few dialogues are cliches in this conversational movie, nothing to complaint enough as they are compensated with clever dialogues. Songs/BGM has nothing to do in this movie, even BGM is almost nil at times. Cinematography is cool enough specially at the childhood flashback scenes. Film looks fresh and eye pleasing. 

Dear Zindagi Movie Review

Movie is for multiplex audience and fully into urban classic generation like her previous movie. There are lot of highlights here, motivational scenes, new way of seeing a relationship, chair therapy are few to note and in the end it doesnt feel like watching a movie rather we feel the life journey of a woman and her way of coming out of his problems.

Dear Zindagi Movie Review
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Not just a feel good movie but stay with you for a while after the credit roll!

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