Insidious Chapter 3 Movie Review

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Chapter 3 Movie Review

Direction : Leigh Whannell
Screenplay : Federer
Cast : Dermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott, Angus Sampson,
Leigh Whannell, Lin Shaye
Music : Joseph Bishara
Cinematography : Brian Pearson
Editing : Timothy Alverson
Production Company : Automatik Entertainment,
Blumhouse Productions, Entertainment One

Film is said to be the prequel to the haunting of the Lambert family and we got introduced to the already familiar concepts and casts. Lets see an analysis about it.

Third installment from series where it actually backtracking instead of continuing. As chapter 1 and 2 are already strong and somewhere deep into the concepts, obviously the prequel of it, just introduce us to theme and it will have its own story away from other chapters.

Insidioius Chapter 3 Movie Review

The film follows a young girl called Quinn who is trying to reconnect to her deceased mother and visits a retired psychic ghostbuster Elise. The meeting however leaves her with something else, instead of her mother trying to contact her like she first thought, something much more sinister approaches her and with the help from her father, elise and a couple of ghost hunters they try to rid the evil from her.

Insidioius Chapter 3 Movie Review

This chapter specially has lot of jump scares which are effective and leads to tension where sounds which will make you scary to the core. Sometimes it let you down, thinking someone coming from somewhere, sometimes not, shake you well with all possible scary moments.

There are scenes which will make you terrify, when the evil lady crawls on her broken legs and you can hear the sounds of bones cracking. In another scene, when the evil went down under a cot, camera just slowly goes from top of bed to down the bed and a expected jump scare. Like same, when the evil escape out of window, camera goes from inside a room to the broken window and they show us the evil fall down at the ground, next scene when Quinn see the evil slowly from window, it immediately catches her leg which is unexpected.

Insidious Chapter 3 Movie Review

Post interval, when elise, goes to another world which is filled with mild blue light at night and her torch in hand, walks inside a house in search of evil, which is scary and expecting anytime a jump scare.

Insidious Chapter 3 Movie Review

At climax, BGM and heart rupturing scenes, gives more intense one could see in a horror movie. Insidious chapter 3 has its own story and definitely worth watching. On the whole, insidious trilogy, a very good bundle of horror flicks and sure will have its own place in horror era!

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Insidious Chapter 3: More Scary with a Battle between Fright and Affection

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