Indru Netru Naalai Movie Review

Story & Direction : R Ravi Kumar
Produced by : C V Kumar, K E Gnanavelraja
Cast : Vishnu, Mia George, Karunakaran, T M Karthik, Jayaprakash
Music : Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematography : A Vasanth
Editing : Leo John Paul
Production company : Thirukumaran Entertainment

A Science fiction genre in Kollywood from C V Kumar. First we need to appreciate this producer who is consistently giving opportunities to new short film directors with different concepts. Keep up the good work. Indru Netru Naalai is all about 3 guys who get a time machine, how they use it to change their life and what happens when one sad incident happened to the heroine. To see whether its a happy ending on not, you need to watch the film.

Vishnu is on winning streak. He is very clever in selecting scripts. Last year his films Mundasupatti and Jeeva were hit at Box office. This year he kick started with Indru Netru Naalai, yet another different script from his past flicks. Acting wise he has improved a lot, which is clearly visible on the screen. Very well settled performance. The scene where he meet Jayaprakash for the first time proves his emoting skills.

Mia George’s second film after Amarakaviyam. She looks beautiful in this film. She has less scope to perform, but whenever she appears on screen, she has given full justice. Vishnu-Mia pair is fresh to watch on screen. Another man who impresses throughout the film is Karunakaran. Many of his scenes evokes laughter. He travels with Vishnu from start to end of the film.

Surprising character who has done a great job is T.M.Karthik, as Astrologer. We have seen him in many films, but this one will make us remember him forever. Jaya Prakash as Mia’s dad and Sai Ravi as stereotype villain. Arya’s cameo is cool. Anupama Kumar as Mia’s mom is apt for the role. Time machine plays a major role.

Music has been composed by Hip Hop Tamizha. His second musical venture after Aambala, He has done a very good work in this movie too. Perfect BGM and nice songs. Title song is ‘iPhone 6..’ followed by ‘Naane Raja..’. And then 2 versions of ‘Kaadhale kaadhale…. The one stays in mind is the ‘Kadhale..’ (both version). His re recording in emotional scenes are well fitted.

Technical team has done their job well which elevated the movie to next level. First of all, kudos to editor Leo John Paul, without any confusion the concept has been clearly shown in the screen. VFX work need special mention, time machine and the 2065 portions are believable. Cinematography by Vasanth, each scene in the film is visually great.

All credit should goes to the debut director Ravi Kumar. A short film director, who sees the cinema in a different angle. Very wise screenplay with no logical flaws and easily understandable to the viewers. Lengthy portions and typical villain character are the only drawbacks. There are pretty good amount of scenes which evokes laughter, but not throughout the film.

Highlights of INN are the concept, clear presentation, fresh lead pair, few notable scenes like Conference hall scene where vishnu meets Jaya prakash for the first time, Mia seeing her birth scene in past and climax. Film is definitely worth your time. A new welcoming time travel concept in tamil cinema.