Sing Movie Review

Sing Movie Review
Sing Movie Review

Sing Movie Review

Written & Direction : Garth Jennings
Producer : Chris Meledandri | Janet Healy
Music : Joby Talbot
Editor : Gregory Perler
Production company : Illumination Entertainment
Distribution : Universal Pictures
Running Time : 110 mins

From the producers of Despicable me, comes an animated musical comedy with loads of bit songs and an inspiring message for kids.

Koala, who own a theater conducts a reality singing competition to boost the ticket sales for his financially sinking age old theater. Due to an unexpected accident, whole theater collapse into nothing. What happens to the show and whether they able to restore theater is SING.

Sing Movie Review

Introduction of each character is shown in a fast motion trick which looks so good on screen. As the movie is about songs, it has got 64 songs in the movie but the fact is that it doesnt bore you with songs as those are used just for two three mins as bit song.

Sing Movie Review

Lot of moments in sing will make the kids enjoy to the core.  Pig house with 25 pigs and their automated system are laugh riot. Audition call and their first performance at stage are fun to look. Camera angles are placed so well to show each animals well enough according to their heights. 3D works good at parts especially at climax stage performance.

Sing Movie Review

The message from the movie is well received and the climax portions are feel good moments for each stage performance where the highlight is the unexpected awesomeness at each song at the end make the viewers to expect more and what happens finally is feast for eyes.

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#Sing : Clean entertainment in an animated musical journey

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