Agent will take Akhil’s span to another level Producer Anil Sunkara

Agent will take Akhil’s span to another level: Producer Anil Sunkara

Agent will take Akhil’s span to another level: Producer Anil Sunkara

Young and dynamic hero Akhil Akkineni, stylish maker Surender Reddy’s crazy stylish spy action entertainer ‘Agent’ is all set for a grand worldwide release on April 28. AK Entertainments, Surender 2 Cinema banners have produced this prestigious film on a grand scale. The promotional material of Agent that was released so far has created huge expectations. Producer Anil Sunkara shared some details about the film in an interview with reporters ahead of the film’s release on April 28.

‘Agent’ is a prestigious film under your banner.. Are you excited? Are you feeling any pressure?

There are two types of pressure. To be honest, there is some pressure. It’s not about the result. The unit has been working day and night for the past few days. It’s a big movie. CG work for hours. There will be CG in every frame. All this is done with pressure.

What makes ‘Agent’ a big movie?

Agent is a movie with a huge span. When you say spy movie, there will be outdoor locations. All foreign locations. The action scenes choreography, editing and changes after that are difficult. Small mistakes can be ignored in normal entertainers, dramas movies. That’s not possible for a movie like Agent. That’s why it took a lot of time.

We heard that the budget is also more than the market?

I have said this before. There is no market anymore. Content is the market. If you spend what you need for the content, you can get it back.

You have grown a lot in the market since you started.. Is this an advantage for you?

Definitely an advantage. We have confidence that even if there is competition, we will get our share if we hit the right chord.

Agent Pan India subject right.. Why didn’t you think about it?

‘Agent’ is a content that everyone likes. But it takes at least three months to release pan India. We first focused on Telugu and then planned to go that way from the second week. The dubbing is already done.

There is an opinion that producers are facing difficulties in terms of budget and business now.. What do you say?

As far as I know, I am very happy. We had clarity that we were taking up a big challenge when we started the film. We came with a goal. Akhil’s span will be different after Agent’s release.

When making spy movies, comparisons with Hollywood movies come up right? How do you see them?

If I get compared to James Bond movies, I will be happy.(laughs) Comparison is not a problem. If we reach that level, it means we have won.

How will Agent be?

Agent is an action film. The story will be different. It is a story between three agents. Emotions will also be strong. Akhil will have a before agent and after agent look. The visuals will be very grand. They will surprise you. Agent is a film that gives a great theater experience.

When the hero does real stunts in action movies, there is a fear as a producer right.. What suggestions did you make in Agent’s case?

Young heroes like to do without dupes. As a producer, I tell the action choreographer to take care of safety. I said no to the stunt that took place in Vijayawada recently. If it was in Hyderabad, there would be good action masters and safety, that was my thought. Akhil decided to do it there only. In this matter, all credit goes to Akhil. You will see many such adventures in Agent.

You have distributed many blockbuster movies.. but why did you give Agent to only one person?

The release should be on time, the quality should be good.. there are many things like that. If you give it to one person, there will be no financial pressure.

You are a successful business man.. do you see the movie as a business or with passion?

I think I should see it as a business. I only wish the movie to be a hit at the last moment (laughing). Do you want ten crores? Do you want a super hit? If I ask the producer.. he will wish for a super hit. I can’t say that every hit movie will bring money.

How was your state of mind when director Surender Reddy got infected with Covid?

I understood the seriousness when I talked to him. He was in Budapest where all the government hospitals are. They put everyone in one room. People are dying one by one. The person you saw next to your bed yesterday is not there today. Tomorrow it could happen to us.. that feeling is terrifying when you think about it.

Do you have any thoughts of directing?

I am doing it. It will be a spy genre movie.

Did you give the title Agent for yourself?

I registered the title Agent five years ago. When I told him about the movie with Surender Reddy, he gave me the same title. I told him that we already registered this title (laughing)

You are making small and big movies in your banner.. which one is more comfortable?

There is comfort for everything. If a big movie is a hit, the brand value will increase. Financially small movies are better.

What experience did Agent give you as a producer?

Agent different experience. It is a movie that we are releasing under a lot of pressure. We locked a date and wanted to release it on that date somehow. We worked day and night for that date.

Are movies coming in 14 reels?

Movies are coming in 14 reels. There will be biggest announcements this year.

Is there any Bhola Shankar updates?

The shooting of the film is in full swing and we can’t wait to show you the amazing action sequences and the chemistry between the lead actors on August 11.