‘Bayam Oru Payanam’ will give haunting experience : Manisharma

‘Bayam oru Payanam’ produced by S Durai and S Shanmugam for Octospider production is not just an other film on paranormal activities. Starring Bharath, Vishaka singh, Meenakshi Dixit , Singam Puli, Urvashi, Gnanvel, Yogi Babu,’lollu sabah’ Manohar and many others ‘Bayam Oru Payanam’ is directed by Debutant Manisharma.

The final shooting schedule of ‘Bayam Oru Payanam’ concluded in Chennai recently. ‘We were aware of the fact that too many horror movies were already released and some more are in the floors too. In ‘Bayam oru Payanam’ we literally mean a horror genre. We have no combinations of humour or sentiment in ‘Bayam Oru Payanam’. When we call it a horror film it stays as a horror film. This film can be on par with The exorcist, The omen, Evil Dead, or Conjuring the films that chilled our spine. Dr Bharath a cardiologist by profession and an actor by passion makes his debut as a hero in this film. He had earlier performed considerably well as a cop in Kamal sir’s Unnai pol oruvan. His performance is a commendable one. Our search for a heroine who plays the ghost was very long until we decided upon Vishaka Singh. We are blessed to have such a beautiful ghost. Her transformation into the given role in no time speaks volume about her professionalism. While we were shooting in ‘Munnaar’ for a lengthy schedule of 20 days and long nights she braved the leaches and snakes. Her tireless effort amidst the tough un-friendly conditions proves the fact that she is Hungry for performance oriented roles. She cared the least for looks and cared the most to perform, this attitude of course is any day a gift for directors. Such is her confidence on her untiring good looks and performance. It is indeed a honour to work with a living legend like Oorvashi madam, she is such a positive infection.

The power of ‘Bayam oru Payanam’ will be the powerful music by Y R.Prasad. Normally in horror films back ground scores will be given importance and not much importance will be given to the songs. Here in ‘Bayam oru Payanam’ we have got a music director who is gifted in both these factors and hence the audience will be thrilled to hear this enthralling music. The camera work is ably handled by I.Andrew. I would like to extend my thanks to my producers S Durai and S Shanmugam. True to their initials they said yes to every demand i had as a Director towards the betterment of the project. Bayam oru Payanam is awaiting the journey of release and i am confident that the audience will have a haunting experience ‘ concluded Director Manisharma .