Cherubic Amy Spells Out ‘GET’ Secrets

Sublimely enchanting, Angelic bliss and enormous charms! Undoubtedly, Amy Jackson has cast her inevitable magic across the towns and she continues to spread out her wings of resplendent success. With the ‘British’ beauty splendidly involved in three big projects, she spells out ‘GET’ secrets – some interesting facts about her upcoming films – Gethu, Enthiran 2 and Thanga Magan

1. Q: Tell us about Thanga Magan.

A: It’s a complete family entertainer. The movie has got romance, action, comedy and sentiment. Dhanush fans will be delighted to see the movie.

2. Q: How was it working with Dhanush?

A: I have been dying to work with him. I am a big fan of Dhanush. He is a real actor. As a person, he is real also. As a co-star, his confidence makes you feel confident. He is a bundle of talent and it’s a pleasure to work with him. Hopefully I get to do lots of work with him in future.

3. Q: Thanga Magan has another heroine – Samantha…

A: Samantha is a brilliant girl. She is beautiful inside as on the outside. She is very sweet and down to earth. Usually, you hear about bitchiness and cattiness especially with Actresses. That is not the case especially with Samantha. She is fabulous.

4. Q. This is the first time you are working in a movie for which Anirudh has composed Music.

A: Ani is a very good friend. I am a big fan of his music. I think Thanga Magan is one of his best albums. It’s a beautiful romantic album. After the movie release, once audience see the songs picturisation on the screen, the album will be even bigger hit.

5. Q. Tell us about your next release after Thanga Magan – Gethu with Udhay Stalin

A: I play a Tamil Brahmin girl in Gethu. My costumes are totally Indian. I love my character. She is totally naughty. My co-star Udhay is a sweet heart. We had lot of fun while making the movie. As you have seen in the trailer, Gethu is action thriller on par with any international movie.

6. Q. How is it working with Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay in Theri?

A: Working with Vijay is phenomenal. He is very sweet. Very kind and is a lovely-lovely guy but when the action starts, you can see a completely different person. May be, that’s why he is such a big star. I am looking forward to shooting my song with him in January for Theri.

7. Q. Your lip synch was perfect in I. How did you get that?

A: The whole credit goes to Dir Shankar who made me learn Tamil through a special Tutor – Jayakumar. I practiced all my Tamil dialogues well in advance, so I can get them right. Dir Shankar ruled out any prompting during the shots.

8. Q. Did you wish Superstar Rajinikanth for his Birthday?

A: Of-course. I did. (Then in a lower voice) After all, I am his future heroine.