Gautham Menon is a friend indeed – Radha Mohan

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Director Gautham Vasudev Menon sang a song for directed by starring Karunakaran and Nandhitha. The film is jointly produced by First Copy Pictures and Night Show Cinema. GVM as he is fondly referred as in the film industry sang the track ‘Puthu oru Kathavu Thirakuthu’ penned by Madhan Karky composed by Vatz.

‘Gautham has always got that aura of celebration within himself, and this particular song has got all the required ingredients of a celebration. It was a perfect choice. Our Music Director is a good of friend of Gautham. Actually, him self was introduced to me by Gautham. When myself and decided to have a solo song, we wanted a fresh voice. twas of a opinion that GVM would be his choice for the solo. I knew that he is a good singer and we approached him. He was excited and exciting too.

The song begins with the lyric‘ Puthu oru Kathavu Thirakuthu’. The song is about celebrating an opportunity to win. The peppy number got a new blend and a refreshing delight with the voice of the a good friend. The song sets in like a cool sea breeze to the audience” Says .

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