Ghibran’s Short film at Cannes film Festival

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Ghibran’s Short film at Cannes film Festival

Not every human nurtures themselves to be a multi faceted. Some got to be equipped and some blessed to be. Popular music directror Ghibran has turned his tunes from music to production. The ‘Vaagai Sooda Vaa’ musician has executed the whole production works for the short film named ‘Swayer Corporations’ directed by his childhood friend Rathindran R Prasad for Turkish producers Basak Gaziler Prasad & Hakan Kantarli.

The composer of some soothing melodies is elated as the short film ‘Swayer Corporations’ is being selected for Cannes International film festival 2015 for special screening in the short film corner category. “ I am happy to be a part of this short film. Rathindran always wanted his way into the celluloid industries. He has been part of few international projects including ‘Fruhlings Erwachen’ a famous German play where Rathindran R Prasad was invited to Munich, Germany to conceptualize and direct the visual elements. Fruhlings Erwachen earned him media and critical attention in Europe.We have already produced a short film together which was also an internationally acclaimed one. It was once again a memorable experience for me to look after the execution job after years. I congratulate the producers and my friend Rathindran ” Says Ghibran, the executive producer of ‘Swayer Corporations’.

“‘Swayer Corporations’ is a 30 min socio- thriller. The film is about an angry young environmental activist who is on a journey to kill a CEO of a chemical company. Shot entirely on East Coast Road in a short span of four days. Though the film does not have any back ground music, music director Ghibran played an entirely different role in this film. He handled the production execution part in India. It was an extremely happy for me to work with Ghibran and my cinematographer Farook J Basha.” Says Rathindran R Prasad , former associate director of Sarkunam.

Ghibran and Rathindran R Prasad has been invited to attend the festival de Cannes, France around 13th to 23rd May 2015 for premiere of Swayer Corporations