I was initially reluctant to act : Mouhrna Anitha

Mouhrna Anitha reddy a popular model and theater artiste is all set to make her debut in the Tamil film Industry with the film ‘Unakkenna venum sollu’ earlier titled Daisy. The much expected and more discussed ‘Unakkenna venum sollu’ is gearing up to release by the end of August

“I play a very complicated and an in depth role in this film. I was initially reluctant to act as i thought that i would not be able to do justification to that powerful role. Even when Director Srinath Ramalingam narrated the out line to me I was more curious to know who would be perfect to play that role. I was taken by surprise when he told me that I was his choice. Can i deliver the momentum i asked him as well as myself. He was convinced but not me until i saw the rushes of the film after the shoot.

“I had played a young woman who longs to bear a child but fate plays the other way.”

The society including her nearer and dearer show different attitude towards her. The pain that is infused on her is reflected on her actions. The evasive action she takes and the subsequent reactions that lead are the fulcrum of the movie. Couple of my friends who are into similar positions have shared their grief to me and I am sure not only them but all the women who under go this stress and pain will be able to connect themselves with this film. I am really excited to be a part of this movie The young technicians and my talented co artistes have ensured a film of great content. I am thankful to My producer Shan, Director Srinath Ramalingam and Auraa cinemas who are releasing this film with plenty of passion and fan fare for providing a huge platform to show case our talent’ concludes Mouhrna Anitha.