Narayan about Thiranthidu Seese

Narayan about Thiranthidu Seese

My debut movie was Inidhu Inidhu, where I played the lead character named ‘Tyson’ and was remake of Telugu super hit “Happy Days”.  It was that movie’s associate cinematographer who referred me to Nimesh Varshan for the project  “Thiranthidu Seese”, who was impressed with the range of characterizations I have portrayed in my movies, be it a innocent geek in Inidhu Inidhu, a druggie inPayanam or my comical characterisation in Oru Kal, Oru Kannadi or the negative lead in CSK, a thriller.

When I met Nimesh in person, I liked his narration balancing the  thriller and comical elements of the script. It’s a triangular comical thriller between Dhanshika, Veeravan Stalin and Myself.  The film is set inside a pub and I play Hussain, the character of a bartender. What happens within one night forms the movie plot.

When Nimesh said I would be playing the lead role, which was more characterized to be the regulator to switch between Comical and Thrill emotions. I was more than happy to do it, as it showcases my acting skills with different mood swings and were shot simultaneously.

The script of the movie is a strong thriller on the lines of “who had done it”, while the situation and interaction between myself and the other characters have a comical component in the flow.

The film can easily connect to the youngsters of the city and with equal dosage of humour and thrill factors and most importantly a message in the climax subtly shared to the audience with the core of the movie being entertainment, all the way.

The title of the movie, personally is my favorite and something I’m proud to be part of  as the same is a dialogue used by my favourite actor MGR sir, when he portrayed the role of Ali Baba. So Thiranthidu Seese is hence all the more closer to me.