Pisaasu by Myskkin to hit screens shortly

Director Mysskin works day and night to give final touches to his much expected film ‘Pisaasu’ produced by Director Bala for his B studios. Mysskin visibly elated had a few points to share on his experience with ‘Pisaasu’.

‘It was my desire for a very long time to do a film on horror. The intention of a horror film is not only to scare but to have an enquiry on the ghost world. We have trained every single actor irrespective of the length of their roles for the period of four months. Senior Actor Radha ravi had given a performance worth his experience. New comer Naga is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm. Those qualities are indications of his potentiality as a hero. New girl Prayaaga is introduced as a heroine. She is from Kerala and her dancing skills are exemplary. Her performance in an episode where she had to fly over 60 feet will chill down the spine. Senior Cameraman Ravi roy has shot these sequences with amazing accuracy with a standard that is unmatched. The music director is Arrol Corelli, a new find but a great prospect. I insist on what i want and what i feel as the best. He is not tired in delivering the same. The high light of the film will be the climax. We hired Tony an international stunt expert, who had worked in many Bruce lee films to do the risk involving sequences and it is amazing. I should thank my friend and producer Bala for providing me the license to do a movie as to my vision.” concludes Mysskin

‘Pisaasu’ is in the Post-Production and will hit the screen shortly’.