[Xclusive] Interview with Srushti Dange about Kathukkutti

[Xclusive] Interview with Srushti Dange about Kathukkutti

Sometimes simple looks get translated into beauteous elegance. She looks greatly an illustrated superlative of our words.

Her sweet and cherubic nature adorns her beauty and Srushti Dange is definitely a belle enlivening the moments with high-spirited nature.

Such was the instance of our tete-a-tete as she is basked in the glory with good reception of her recent release Kathukkutti.

Q: Tell us something about Kathukkutti – What kind of movie is it.

It’s mainly about the Methane issue in Thanjavur district. India is an agricultural county. How Industrialization is destroying agriculture in our country. It also has romance and comedy. It’s not preachy by any way. It’s more like Bollywood Dir Raj Kumar Hirani movie. An entertaining movie with a message.

Q: Tell us about your role in the movie.

I play a village girl. Her whole world is her father. She is a nature loving girl. For her, money is not important. The welfare of the village is more import. I play a very bold and strong character.

Q: Tell us about your work experience with the Hero – Actor Narain.

It was great. He is the 2nd Actor with most experience I worked with. I have seen all his movies. I thought he was a serious guy. But he is not. When I had to do a scene in which I had to belittle him, I couldn’t do it. I have so much respect for him. Initially, I was little scared of him. But, he made me comfortable.

Q: How about comedy Actor Soori. How was it working with him?

I used to think I am a big brat. But Soori is a bigger brat than me. He is not only a comedian on-screen, but he is also a comedian off-screen. He is a very genuine guy. His work was only to tease me. He did lot of pranks.

Q: Director Era.Saravanan is a new comer. How did you find working with him?

His way of work is extremely tough. He signed before any of my movies were released. I bungled the audition. But he only gave me confidence that I could do this role. He is very particular about what he wants. He made sure I spoke Tamil with Thanjavur slang.

Q: Are there any traditional songs and dance in the movie.

The songs in the movie don’t have any dance sequences. Just required to me to walk. It’s more an extension of the story.

Q: How was it speaking the Thanjavur slang in the movie?

It was very difficult. Director used to give me the dialogues a day before. I sat in for all script sessions.

Q: Now that the movie is released, did you go to the theater. How was the reaction of the audience?

I went to couple of theaters to gauge the audience reaction. The audience enjoyed the movie a lot.

Q: Couple of days back, the TN Govt has decided not to give approval for Methane project. What do you think about that?

I think it’s a big win for the movie. I am glad that our movie made a practical difference in a big issue. It was my father who told me about this news. He told me he was very proud of me. He doesn’t even follow Tamil movies.

Q: As we conclude, anything else you want to share about Kathukkutti.

This movie has got me lot of respect. Now people who saw me as a bubbly girl in Megha can see my serious acting in Kathukkutti.