Yuvan song to captivate the youngsters : Adhik

It have become a cult movement that Music Directors lending their voice to songs composed by their counterparts. Following the healthy culture, Yuvan Shankar Raja have sung a song in GV Prakash Kumar’s composition for the film ‘Trisha Illana Nayanthara’ where the latter plays the lead. The crew of the film has set a huge expectation among the youngsters for the continuous surprise is being built up in a frequent manner.

GV Prakash Kumar, have done his part in spicing up the album with the song ‘Mutham Kodutha Maayakkaari’ sung by Yuvan Shankar Raja written by Na. Muthu kumar. “We were very sure that this song would do the magic among youngster and the song become a huge hit across. We are very glad that the song has been visualized as dynanmic as Yuvan Shakar Raja’s voice marked in the song. With the electrifying dance movments of Manisha Yadav and GV Prakash Kumar in the ‘Muththam Kodutha Mayakkaari’ song would tap the audience to dance in the theatres. This song will definitely help the youth to throng the screens” says the trending thoughtful director Adhik Ravichandran.