157 for Vijay Antony’s India Pakistan

Marveling what this 3-digit number has got to do with Vijay Antony’s India Pakistan. Well, it’s so simple as it denotes the total running length of the film’s final edit version. Streaking success back-to-back with his onscreen magic in ‘Naan’ and ‘Salim’, Vijay Antony steps out from this franchise and experiments with ‘Comedy’ genre, which is something new to his store. The music director turned actor had tweeted on his micro-blogging page saying, “Just watched India Pakistan full movie edited version (2hrs 37mins)… Hat-trick… April release.”

Crafting a tale of love and family elements, director N Anand has included lots of hilarious factors into the film that will savour the taste of universal audiences. Sushma Raj plays the female lead role with Pasupathi, Jagan and M.S. Bhaskar enacting important characters. It is worth mentioning that, this is the first time Vijay Antony has limited himself just wearing the greasepaint and not composing music for his film, produced by his wife Fatima Vijay Antony under the banner of Vijay Antony Film Corporation.