2.0 Movie Review 

Wow! This is the day and my eyes are just in frozen awestruck over the mammoth masterpiece that turned me lidless for hours. This was the biggest day that everyone expected, perhaps, the entire world was looking up for. With the last year release ‘Kabali’ (This phrase can be changed in accordance to the time gap) spinning the incredible results both critically and commercially, it has been a long wait indeed. Of course, this is the first ever big budgeted sequel that is happening in the South Indian industry, especially for a concept based on Sci-Fi fantasy.

Superstar Rajinikanth – Can you ever believe this man is 65yrs old? (The age can be altered again with respective to year of release). Remember this? The first part released almost before 6 years and see how rejuvenated the actor is. The same Vaseegaran, the handsome scientist looks splendid and the makeup artist deserves so much of appreciations. What a perfect makeover? The same French beard, not even a slightest change in diameter and circumference. But it looks like; the same moustache used for the prequel has been reused here. What else then? The showstopper – Chitti 2.0 leaves you speechless with his breathtaking performance.

Well now, the biggest curiosity in you should be this: Is there any clash between Vaseegaran and Chitti much alike the prequel? Ah! That’s something you need to watch over the screens. Revealing about this could turn out to be a real spoiler, but mark our words! The episodes involving them are surely gonna get you with screams and excitements.

Much more than all, watch out for the sequence, where the confrontation happens among Vaseegaran, Chitti and Scientist Richard (Akshay Kumar). To be precise, out of all the movies that Akshay Kumar has done, this should be the biggest ever magnum opus. He turns the space more tremendous with his screen presence and stands on pars with Rajinikanth to offer a stupendous performance. Amy Jackson looks so gorgeous and her costumes are mind-boggling. Her dancing skills have increased far better than her previous movies and revealing more on her role could be a spoiler again. Sudhanshu Pandey is one of the connecting factors from the Endhiran 2010 to this sequel. In fact, his characterization and his reason to avenge the protagonist would induce the ones who missed to watch the prequel to go for it again. Carrying the pain over the gruesome demise of his father, the actual catalyst in first part, he recreates the same person over here. Others in the star-cast have done complete justice to their roles.

When you have AR Rahman onboard to compose music, no doubt the project would go up to the greatest scales and this sequel outperforms the first part in terms of musical score. What a BGM? The newfangled sound he brings up in background score in accordance to the Future Music is really outstanding. Cinematography by Nirav Shah is top-notch. Be it songs or the talkie portions, he has gone through a perfect spell. The CG and Animatronics are colossally stunning. But what is slightly diminishing is major portions involving Chitti Robot are based on motion capture technology, but it is so much realistic.

Although, we can praise the performances and technical aspects, there is a sudden drop in momentum at places over Shankar’s narration. He could have made the film crispier, especially in the second half. Realizing that the last 30 minutes of first part was lengthy, he has tried to make a difference here. Overall, 2.0 is a worth watching film that hits the top lines with technical quotients and Superstar Rajinikanth’s performance. Yes, Shankar has done his best and has tried to exceed the levels that were set by the prequel.

Verdict: An outlandish show stealer – Sets new standards for Sci-fi genre
Rating: 4.25/5

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