“3 times we failed to work because of Mysskin’s attitude” – Vishal

Actor Vishal is now looking so much confident on striking gold with his upcoming film ‘Thupparivalan’. The film is getting released next Friday and there has been a good vibe involving the expectations. This is because the single track and the teaser have gained good response. The actor has said, “Mysskin and I were supposed to work from eight years back in time from now. 3 times I failed because of Mysskin’s talkative attitude. As an actor, I can accept his nature. But his over talkative nature of adamancy was resented by many producers. Mysskin would always stick to the motto – I want to do what I want and there are no compromises. Finally, we are happy to have worked together and ‘Thupparivalan’ has made our dream come true. Usually Mysskin movies would have low angle shots with jus focus on hands and legs. But in Thupparivalan, there is a good scope for my body language. Thupparivalan is so special to me as my routines style in erstwhile movies would be speaking high pitched punch dialogues. As I play a brilliant detective, I have to maintain silence and be man of few words. This is the first ever stylish film in my entire career.”