Its incredibility and everyone around the town is so much exhilarated over the grand release of Suriya’s 24. Especially for a star like Suriya who didn’t have any big hits in the past that includes Anjaan and Massu Engira Maasilamani, the fans are sure that their matinee idol would be getting stunner on board.

5. Suriya’s Triple Role Delight :

This is the first ever time Suriya is playing triple role and it could be getting more beyond what the fans usually expect of him. Especially playing a baddie like Athreya is something they have never anticipated and it could be a massive thundering response over the theatres.

4. Cute angels – Samantha and Nithya Menen :

Both Samantha and Nithya Menen have been ruling the industry for their much splendiferous looks and unconventionally surprising performance. They look more promising in this film as we got the glimpses from trailer. This should be bringing in more guys to be enthralled.

3. Romantic Suriya after a long-long hiatus :

It’s been a long time we saw Suriya as a sweet romantic chap and although he looked handsome in his erstwhile movies, they didn’t have sweet romantic episodes that usually girl fans expect from Suriya. The promos and teaser give a clear impression that it’s all going to happen in Suriya’s 24.

2. The Unconventional concept of Time Travel :

Although, we have seen many Time Travel based flicks from Hollywood and in our very own Tamil industry, Vikram Kumar has handled this concept in a much different and unique way, here a WRIST WATCH becomes a major characterization playing an important role alongside Suriya, Nithya Menen and Samantha.

1. AR Rahman’s Musical Magic :

Above all the most sensational factors, it’s all about AR Rahman’s outstanding musical score. The songs have already worked out at the best and the background score is expected to be one of the most fascinating thing that one can curiously look upon for.