5 scintillating Superstars of Bollywood befitting Dhuruvangal 16

Few scripts much by its inception of one-line plot carve its niche as a blockbuster. Perhaps, it’s not a verdict that is drawn when words on rough draft traversing through various phases and finally translated into moving pictures, but by its original itself. In fact, that’s a magical mantra that every wannabe filmmaker or an inquisitive analyst would ponder to dissect and find out the brilliant flashes. But the secret almost lies like a chakra on the spinal points that doesn’t get into scientific or biological panoramas, but something beyond such paradigms. That’s called PASSION, INSPIRATION AND DISCIPLINE that isn’t imparted through any masters at screenwriting course, directorial discourses or anything like an institution. Such happens to be the mantra of success proved by Karthick Naren on his debut directorial ‘Dhuruvangal 16’.

The film hasn’t been under spotlights for its maverick approach on technical aspects nor for its stunning narration that kept us edge-seated or for the nuance performances. But every frame had a peck of emotions that connoted our involvement. Especially with an impeccable characterization sketched upon Rahman, the protagonist, every audience crossed the lines of spectator in Audi and almost become a character inside the frames perplexed between the drama and hidden reality. Such was an immense project of Rahman and with already the strong word of appreciations spreading about the film into all territories, Bollywood isn’t an exception.

At this juncture, I personally happened to envisage on my 5 cherry picked assumptions on 5 Bollywood actors who would carry off the protagonist’s characterization if remade.

Thank You Karthick Naren for reading and appreciating our feature.


5. Amitabh Bachchan:

Of course, he would just throw off a ne plus ultra performance with classical essence. Just run through the initial episodes of the movie, where his interactions with the character of Gautham before the commencement of flashback would really get emblazoned up and not to miss the final moments too. He has already proved his proficiency in such roles over the decades with such avatars.

4. Naseeruddin Shah:

He doesn’t even a narration. Just a final draft mailed to him and few glimpses with flips over the pages is more than enough for him to get under the skin of protagonist. Be his emotional impact conveyed through his role in ‘A Wednesday’ or a man strongly adhered to relationships in ‘Waiting’, he could just sweep every one of the feet with an impeccable show. Of course, being a cop with hidden truths and all for the sake of a son would literally emblazon the film to a different magnitude.

3. Aamir Khan

No words! This would be an incredible masterpiece if he is going to play the lead role. But guess what? He would make sure that he doesn’t surpass the script or role with his screen presence as Aamir Khan, but he would definitely be a director’s actor and just breathe passionately through the role. Unconditional emotions with just his expressive eyes are more than enough to keep us engrossed. Remember his versatile act in Talaash??? That’s a more than enough factor to keep you imbibed.

2. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Karthik Naren can just take off his collars with pride if this man gets onboard. He will never try to overlap the directorial brilliance and just go by the instructions of ship’s captain. But he would spark off an inevitable charisma with grey greased hair with walking stick confined to the walls of hidden past and the hill top gardens. His dialogue deliveries that we could hear through opening voiceovers and the concluding point will definitely take up with huge applause in theatres. Such is his magnetic performance and vocalism.

1. Akshay Kumar

This man would just embrace Karthik Naren with a tightest hug and if probable a peck on cheeks once he is done narrating the script. This superstar is actually turning to be the Leonardo Di Caprio of Bollywood venturing into unexplored zones that any actor would risk for the moment. He can easily shed off the mass hero avatar and at times can enthrall you breathless with mind-boggling action sequences. More than anything, his emotional expressiveness that is required for this protagonist’s role would ice up the cake unconditionally.