Rathnam Movie Review

Rathnam Movie Review

Director Hari’s commercial entertainers in early 20s have been the elixir for entertainment mongers, and it looks so fresh and engrossing even viewed over and again. The filmmaker with some of his previous films didn’t manage to keep up his stature. Let us hope if his magic works out this time, with his third collaboration with Actor Vishal.

The film opens with a massive heist at the Andhra-Tamil Nadu border. This scene is followed the introduction of protagonist (Vishal), a henchman to MLA (Samuthirakani), who in Vellore is single-handedly investigates the injustices the police should be investigating.Then one day to meet Priya Bhavani Shankar in Vellore, she comes here to write NEET exam. But on arrival, an Andhra mercenary gang comes to kill Priya Bhavani Shankar. Knowing this, Vishal gives her protection, but later it appears that the Rayudu brothers of Andhra come to destroy the Priya Bhavani Shankar family in a land dispute, and this problem comes to Vishal’s hands and how he solves it with his brainy and brawny moves forms the crux of this story.

The reason behind Vishal taking initiative to save Priya Bhavani Shankar due to her lookalike of his mother, and the reason behind his emergence as a henchman has been very well justified by the backstory by Hari. Not to miss Hari’s craftsmanship in linking Vishal and villains is is good. In fact, we can mention that Hari has taken a good style of new age commercial storytelling with this movie. The peak of his directorial wizardry is the interval scene with single shot sequence. However, the dramatic narration of protagonist going in search of villains in their native place to smash them is something we have already seen in many Hari movies.

Usually, Hari movies are racy, and whenever, the momentum drops, he would bring in some best comedies and songs. Disappointingly, it goes missing in this movie, and this is where, director Hari has to improvise in his forthcoming movies. Furthermore, most of the scenes give a Deja vu experience of Hari movies. The second half turns out to be slightly lengthly, and the tweaking could have been done to keep it more engrossing.

Overall, Rathnam is a movie that will significantly appeal to the interests of family audiences.

Rathnam Movie Review
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Verdict: Neat family entertainer with some cliches, but still okay

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