Aal Special Premiere screened for directors

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Plot : 

Every human being in this world faces a bad day, and that day might change the entire life of that person. This bad day happens in Amir’s life too. Amir who works at Sikkim, returns back to Chennai to visit his family.When Amir lands in the airport he is blackmailed by an unidentified stranger over phone and other agents and he subsequently gets Amir under his control. Without knowing the consequences, Amir is forced to work for all the job ordered by that stranger. Later, the stranger decides to give a dangerous job to Amir. Did Amir executed or terminated that disastrous job, forms the crux of Aal.

This films talks about National Integration and Religious unity. The center of the plot is based on a  thought that when a person calls himself an Indian, then he should be sure that all the religions and castes are united. The interesting part of the movie is the hero and the villain will never meet face to face until the end. ‘Aal’ has been shot in unique places of Chennai that is never seen by anyone in Tamil cinema. The films is shot in Parrys Corner after 25 years and in Mount road after 15 years in Tamil Cinema. The shoot also happened in Elephant Gate and other crowded areas where the cine shoots are practically impossible. This film is the first to shoot at Indo-China border in Sikkim. Also, Time Freeze technology has been introduced and implemented in Aal, for the first time in India.

Director’s Special Premiere : 

A special premier show for the director’s was also screened recently and Kollywood industries top sorted directors came up to the special screening and watched the film. After watching the film the directors appreciated the actors performance, the technical aspects and the screenplay of this film.