Actor Yogi Babu Gets Married To His Relative
Actor Yogi Babu Gets Married To His Relative

Actor Yogi Babu gets married to his relative!

Rumours were being spread over the last few days regarding actor Yogi Babu’s marriage. However, actor Yogi Babu was denying this.

In this situation, actor Yogi Babu went ahead and got married to his relative, Manju Bhargavi from Vellore today (5th February, Wednesday).

Actor Yogi Babu is proving to be No.1 comedian in the Tamil film industry today. He acted in 20 movies last year (2019)! The wedding activities were also progressing along. His parents and relatives have been looking for an alliance over the last few months. In this situation, the bride was selected and the rumour spread about his marriage on 5th February. However, actor Yogi Baby denied this!

Even in an interview to a daily newspaper, he observed that things are happening even without his knowledge on this front! I wonder who is angry with me? They have been mentioning the name of Manju Bhargavi as well! Actually, only now, my parents have looked for a bride – Manju Bhargavi – but it is also gathered that the girl was not interested in a cine-field guy. However, this news somehow spread to the extent that the bride’s group were annoyed with me and are being pacified by my parents! In case everything works out smoothly, the wedding may happen on the fixed day! So, that is a blessing in disguise, he told!

In this scenario, the real wedding was performed today (5th February, Wednesday) morning between actor Yogi Babu and Manju Bhargavi. The girl seems to be his relative.

Only the close relatives from wither side had participated in the wedding. None from the film industry participated in the occasion!

A reception is being planned in March in Chennai!