Adhik Ravichandran reveals first leg ‘AAA’ plans

Adhik Ravichandran, the filmmaker with the fresh debut hit of ‘Trisha illana Nayantara’ encompassed a brilliant script that intensely and instantly grabbed the interest of STR. In fact, the young superstar is so much spellbound over the script and his characterizations that the very shot in the shooting on Day 1 turned everyone amazed with his spontaneous performance.

In the recent interview, the director revealed that the first leg of shooting will include retro based portions involving STR and Mahat, which is now being shot in Chennai. Sooner, Shriya Saran will be joining the sets and Adhik furthermore clarifies that her role is completely emotional driven. The ‘TIN’ director also reaffirms that she isn’t playing the mother of STR, but would be seen in an unconventional characterization. Soon after the completing the Chennai portions, the entire crew will be flying down to Dubai for shooting the portions involving current phase.