Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Impact
Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Impact

Analysis – Two reasons why Bigg Boss 4 Tamil is losing its impact and three elements that can make it bounce back

The reason why Bigg Boss 4 Tamil became a massive hit by the opening episode itself is due to couple of reasons. The first one is that it became a gate opener for crowds to barge in after 7 months of Lockdown. Secondly, the contestants league comprised majorly of well known TV and film personalities. Apparently, it turned to be an impressive and engaging show for the first 40 days. Eventually, the drama started declining as many contestants were very much aware and conscious about the show. One could have easily sensed it with the Housemates using the word ‘Strategy’ and ‘Content’. Most of the shots are cut after the contestants look into the camera and perform. This is the first reason why audiences started feeling it more theoretical than emotional.

The second reason is that it is the first time in Bigg Boss 4 history, where there hasn’t been eviction for 3 weeks. Out of Seven weeks completed so far, there have been only 4 evictions – Rekha, Vel Murugan, Suresh and Suchitra. If there had been 2 more evictions at this point of time. the drama would have become intense and new issues would have popped up. It is natural that after a certain point of time, Groupism would develop in any given work place or whatever zone it is.

Well, what could happen next if Endemol Shine and Vijay TV decide to bounce back might be based on these following elements
• Double Eviction
• Red Card
• Wild Card Entry

These factors alone can boost up the show and or else it would remain no different from Season 2, which had a very low profile due to the contestants being over conscious about the show.