Anirudh’s reveling decorations for Valentine’s Day

Let bygones be bygones! Every celebrity has to go through such hurdles and hassles, but nothing stops them from falling down. It’s a way celebrity are perceived and we love them whatever might be the cornering is thrown upon. Such is the scenario for STR and Anirudh. While the former was going through relentless issues, a 60-sec song teaser of ‘Thalli Pogadhey’ instantly wiped off all the miseries and now it’s Anirudh taking his stroke. Yes, the much celebrated star has pushed up an exciting news that his next musical release will be a single track unveiled on the Valentine’s Day. So much inquisitiveness over the season and naturally, the track on Valentine could be nothing but a soulful honeyed, dulcet tune to all.

Can’t wait though! But Anirudh always writes it all over the song – The wait is really worth it and so we keep the fingers crossed.