Arrambam View from the Eye of Om Prakash

Cameramen in the Tamil Industry have been growing leaps and bounds thanks to the latest technology and now a great perspective comes from the DOP Om Prakash the camera man for the Ajith flick Arrambam. Having already worked on films like Nanayam, Neethane En Ponvasantham, Vaagai Sooda Vaa Om Prakash says it is the professionalism of the lead actor that brings the best out of any cameraman. The first eye to witness any film is the eye of the cameraman and when the cameraman endorses that his creation gets better with the professionalism it goes to show how much more one gets when you have a senior and dedicated actor like Ajith dons the screen.

Praising the dedication, professionalism and motivation of Ajith Sir Om Prakash quotes “with a keen eye for detail and amazing camera sense, Ajith Sir got into the thick of things during the shoot and didnt forego any opportunity to give positive feedback to me – a huge motivation for me and something that made me push myself to the limit”

The accident scene that Ajith Sir shot was widely covered and seen by all, giving an insight into the same Om Prakash says “the car travelling at over 100 km/hr the scene was for over 7 minutes where Ajith Sirs knee was getting battered on the bonnet of the car he fell on. I was just recording the emotions on his face without realizing what Ajith Sir was going through, he didnt even wince for a second and his first show of emotion came after the director said shot ok. The entire unit was scared for Ajith sir but he comforted all of us by asking us to relax in spite of the pain. Dawn next day the expectation was he would not turn for the shoot but he was the first person on the set with the clear intention of completing the sequence by himself and not using a body double, dedication at its height is what i would say and inspiration unlimited”

“Although this was a long schedule it was a lot of fun, with Arya around there was no shortage of pranks. Arya again was at his funny best off the screen and when the moment the shot was ready he went into the zone, another actor par excellence

People who have got a chance to watch the film ask me with so many action sequences and chases how difficult was it to shoot. I would say it is very easy to station the camera at a point and shoot all day long but the fun and challenge is only when you have tough and diverse conditions with the lead actor ready to go the extra mile and get things going in the right direction. Kudos to Ajith sir and the crew of Arrambam.