Arun Vijay’s Borrder Trailer - Spellbinding action blocks

Arun Vijay’s Borrder Trailer – Spellbinding action blocks

Actor Arun Vijay and director Arivazhagan duo struck gold with their previous collaboration in Kuttram 23. The intriguing part was the edge-of-seat mystery thriller moments that kept us engrossed from alpha to omega point. Apparently, it paved way for more expectations upon the duo’s forthcoming release ‘BORRDER’. The movie trailer that is unveiled few minutes distinctly stamps the maverick spell of Arun Vijay and Arivazhagan in their respective arenas. The trailer with a running length of 2 minutes 27 seconds gives you an enthralling experience. Arun Vijay has become synonymous to spellbinding action sequences and this movie isn’t going to be an exception. We get to see non-stop action blocks and what instantly steal the spotlights is the brilliant visuals by cinematographer B. Rajasekar along with the sleek cuts of Sabu Joseph. Although Regina Cassandra had performed an unusual role in CHAKRA, this one looks like a promising bounce back for the missy. More than all, the dialogues by the end of the trailer ‘Patriotism isn’t about creating an enemy and attacking them” are gonna win applause in the theaters.

Borrder is produced by T. Vijayaragavendra and is written-directed by Arivazhagan. Sam CS’s BGM is yet another emblazonment to the trailer and it significantly elevates the expectations to watch out for his full-magical spell as in his magnum opus ‘Vikram Vedha’.