Home News “Bonda Bajji are not unparliamentary words right?” – Vishal

“Bonda Bajji are not unparliamentary words right?” – Vishal

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“Bonda Bajji are not unparliamentary words right?” –

Following the sudden repulsion from Tamil Film Producers Council, actor had interacted with media channels last evening to comment on this sudden and unprofessional attitude of council members. During this interaction, he said, “In one of the interviews over commenting on Tamil film producers council’s lethargic and unethical attitude towards making firm decisions.

They had asked for my proper explanations over using such unparliamentary words that I mentioned the snacks like ‘Bonda and Bajji’. I am really wondering are these food items abusive in any terms. I can clearly see that when a person like are repelled from Producers Council, I cannot imagine about the condition of other low profiled and independent producers, who would be denied of their rights and norms. In January with the election of TFPC all set to happen, we as the members of Nadigar Sangam are going to nominate members from our support to contest.”

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