Chennai 2 Singapore – Get ready for an exceptional drive of experience

Chennai To Singapore
Chennai To Singapore

– Get ready for an exceptional drive of experience

could be a dream journey for many, especially for globetrotters, but it remains so much ambitious to the team that has made it now. We are talking about the most proficient team of ‘’ that keeps the fingers crossed about its success for movie releasing on November 24.

The film has been getting on headlines for the best innovative methods of promotions that includes audio launch, where each track was launched in different countries starting from Chennai to Singapore, where the crew travelled through mobile car. After a much prolonged delay, the film is finally hitting screens on November 24.

The film’s producer , who happens to be one among the top music directors of this film had recently screened the movie for Kamal Haasan and got appreciated for their earnest effort. The film is directed by Abbas the plot has a unique theme with fantabulous narration as believed by the team. is having back to back happy Fridays as he had his musical score of ‘Aramm’ have good reception in theatres. Next Friday (November 17) will have Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru hitting screens on Chennai 2 Singapore on November 24.