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Choreographer Farah Khan dances for DEVI(L)


One of the leading choreographer who is best known for her dance work in numerous Bollywood films makes a special appearance for the first time in a Tamil film, Devi(L) starring Prabhu Deva, Tamannaah,and Sonu Sood. Devi[L] has created more expectations with the casting coup as well as the innovative title among the audience. The combination of various features like Prabhu Deva’s appearance, the co-writing of Hollywood writer Paul Aaron, is now strengthened with the guest appearance of the popular choreographer as herself in the screen.

‘What more you could ask for says Director Vijay. This film has been a happening film right from the inception. Surprise packages were plenty. Each page of this film will have various intriguing factors that would infuse energy into the audience’s mind. We are determined enough to surprise the audience with more and more. After all film marketing depends a lot on surprises to the audience. If it was Paul Aaron in the scripting, Prabhu Deva sir and Tamannaah as a pair in the casting, here it is in the guest appearance. This particular scene demanded a Choreographer, and who else could be the best than we thought, and i am thankful to my producer Dr K Ganesh for providing the moral and economical freedom to bring the best in the land to add flavor for the film’ said Director Vijay thank fully.