Comali Movie Review
Comali Movie Review

Comali Movie Review

DirectorPradeep Ranganathan
ProducerIshari K. Ganesh
CastJayam Ravi
Kajal Aggarwal
Samyuktha Hegde
MusicHiphop Tamizha
CinematographyRichard M. Nathan
EditorPradeep E. Ragav
Production companyVels Films International
Running Time142 mins

Before you prefer watching ‘Comali’, you need to do something. What is ‘Comali’ (Clown) actually famous for? Be it Bhagyaraj in Rudra during the bank heist or the Stephen King’s IT, these clown characters evoke different emotions but majorly through laughter. They jump, laugh out loud, make noise, tickle your funny bones with some gimmicks, which surely doesn’t have any logics. Simple! So is this Comali, where debutant Pradeep Ranganathan smug-bitten by several 90s commercial movies from Tamil and Telugu industry has been vividly inspired.

Comali revolves around Ravi (Jayam Ravi) who is hit by an accident during this 12th grade in school while proposing his girlfriend Nikitha (Samyuktha Hegde) with a tiny statue crafted by his father falls into coma only to wake up after 16 years. His younger sister is married to his close buddy (Yogi) and Nikitha is already married. While his life is completely trodden with inability to adapt the changes, he earns the wrath of his family, which is already running in debts due to his treatment for years. Fortune strikes again through the same statue that he gifted to Nikitha before falling into coma, which is now worth unbelievable crore-figure. But it is professed as own by leading politician, once a thug responsible for Ravi’s misfortune.

The entire first half is loaded with fun and enjoyable sequences, but Pradeep could have avoided some dialogues that makes a derogatory remarks on women, especially on their physical appearances. The actual conflict opens up by the end of first half and the entire second hour is done neatly. The concept is simple and there is nothing about the film. But it serves to be a good time pass movie overall.

Jayam Ravi’s performance is appreciable. The effort he has put up for shedding weight to look befittingly perfect for the role of 12th std boy is commendable. Kajal Aggarwal appears only as an extended cameo artiste, but she is maintaining perfect looks. Samyuktha is a gifted actress although she doesn’t get a proper substantiality here. Yogi Babu and Shah Ra offer their dose of humour in places. For God’s sake, it would be nice if writers can avoid writing scenes of ex-lovers having that humorous sparks of romance, where their respective spouses looking like scapegoats. There is a scene where Yogi Babu tells that his wife is already with someone in the park called ‘Facebook’ to her brother. Such disgusting things could be avoided. While Pradeep is able to bring up some emotional quotients involving mother sentiments, why should he degrade himself with such lines.

On the whole, Comali is a mindless entertainer, which has lots of loopholes and irrelevant sequences. But as above mentioned, watch it for the sake of time pass and there’s chance to enjoy it.

Comali Movie Review
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Verdict: Pradeep tries to balance fun, emotions, degrading women and showing respect on same with some entertainment values.

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