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Dulquer Salman in Charlie remake

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Dulquer Salman in remake

Following his collaboration with school of Mani Ratnam, Dulquer Salman has gained an intense maturity over his level of performances that is transcended with eminence. His performance in Malayalam movie ‘’ that came after OKK was such a great illustration, where his proficient acting was incredibly at its best. With this film turning to be a great hit beyond the boundaries and language barriers, one of the leading production house in Tamil industry had acquired the remake rights.

The big names like Sivakarthikeyan were indeed under spotlights over the makers considering them for the reprisal of Dulquer role. Finally, we hear it all more exciting that chances are more for Dulquer Salman to repeat the same role in Tamil version as well. Obviously, Parvathy who played the female lead role could be seen romancing him again in the Tamil remake as well.

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