Enakkul Oruvan meets unfulfilled dreams of ‘Lucia’ maker

A creative revolution sparked off from Pawan Kumar’s brain turned the global spotlights on his experimental flick ‘Lucia’. Funded by huge public, the film became an overnight success in worldwide box office leaving almost every regional industry indulged in heavy contention to acquire the remake rights. While the reviews from far-flung corners of the globe were touching the pinnacle of appreciations, filmmaker Pawan had an unfulfilled dream. Urvashi theatre happens to be one of the prominent cinema halls in Karnataka and it’s always an additional prestige for any filmmaker or producer to have their films released there.

Unfortunately, Lucia couldn’t make its way into it, nevertheless, the Tamil remake ‘Enakkul Oruvan’ starring Siddarth accomplishes with it. Director Pawan Kumar has written on his social networking site, “Its finally hitting the theatres today…. while we were working on the release of Lucia… One of our goals was to have it at the Urvashi theatre… we couldn’t do that… but now indirectly that is achieved as well.”