Ghibran team stranded near the border for almost a week now

Music composer Ghibran and #Chennai2Singapore’s director Abbas Akbar have been on a road trip from Chennai to Singapore to release the six songs from the movie.

The team managed to successfully reach Bhutan and released the second single from the movie, a peppy number sung by RJ Balaji, titled ‘Poda’ But while enroute to Myanmar to release the third single, the team got into many problems like riots, earthquakes and landslide which made it impossible for them to cross Myanmar border. They have been stranded near the border for almost a week now.

Yesterday when the team received news that another earthquake with a greater magnitude is about to hit Myanmar and possibly Thailand (the next destination) too, Ghibran and team decided to call off the drive. Keeping everyone’s safety in mind, the painful decision was made. The team received tremendous support and prayers for their safe return back home.

But in the midst of these, many rallied behind their indomitable spirit. Family members and loved ones urged them to carry on with the trip to finish what they started.

After careful consideration, Ghibran and team have decided to resume the drive back to Singapore. Although safety is still a concern, they will take full care to avoid the risky regions and to plan an alternative route which might be longer to travel, but still would allow them to complete the dream of reaching all the way to Singapore by road and to release the remaining singles of #Chennai2Singapore.

They are now on the way to reach Myanmar and to release the third single “Pogadhe”.