Green Initiative on llayaraja Birthday

Naturals, India’s No.1 Hair & Beauty Salon, has started a Green Initiative of planting 1 lakh saplings. The current green cover in Chennai & other metros is under 10%. To contribute to the restoration of this green cover, Naturals has taken up a sapling planting initiative in association with Mr. Abdul Ghani, the Green Man of India. On the occasion of Maestro Ilayaraja’s birthday, Mr. C.K. Kumaravel, Chairman & Co-Founder of Naturals, presented Mr. Ilayaraja the first sapling. Mr. Ilayaraja marked the beginning of this initiative by planting this first sapling at Prasad Studio, Vadapalani. With 450+ salons as reach points and 20 saplings per month, Naturals would plant 1 lakh saplings by the end of this year.

Speaking on this occasion, CK Kumaravel said “Naturals is interested not only in making the people beautiful but also our earth beautiful. This year Naturals would plant 1 lakh saplings for a greener and better tomorrow. Mr. Ilayaraja gave us a great beginning with planting the first sapling. We would give the saplings to the customers and encourage them to plant it in the neighborhood. The initiative’s mission is to reduce carbon footprint and make the world a better place to live. I believe that with the participation of our Franchise Partners, Staff and Customers, together we will build a more beautiful India” Eminent Personality participated during the event are Shri.Karthick Raja, Music Director, Shri.R Bhagwan Singh , Chief Editor News7 Channel, Shri.Kumaran Mani, Tenth Planet technology, Shri.Abdul Ghani,Social Activist, Shri, Mohammed Ibrahim, Take Care India, Founder.