Green signal on hold for Aranmanai sequel

Sequels are the latest fashion statements that come tagged to a success of film. Flocking in such certainties, Sundar C’s Aranmanai is the latest one to hit the headlines. Emerging as a surprisal storm in box office, the horror-comedy managed to sweep the universal audiences of the feet with some fun filled scary moments. With the film’s end credits accompanied with an open ending (Perhaps, a close replica of Daniel Radcliff’s ‘Woman in Black’ style), there began more amusements over the buzz of its sequel.

Notwithstanding all these calls on airs, the close sources to Sundar C has clarified that plans are on to make a sequel, but not anytime sooner from now. As of now, Sundar C has multiple plans, one with a direct Telugu project and other project on cards is a sequel to laughter-riot Kalakalappu.